Accident at Work Claims
The No Win, No Fee Basics

When proceeding with a personal injury claim, a solicitor may decide to take on a case on a no win, no fee basis. The no win, no fee term specifically refers to a conditional fee arrangement that arrived here in the UK in 1995. To cover the basics, this arrangement means that the solicitor doesn’t get paid unless the case is won. If they do win the case then they earn a fee, but this will actually be paid by the other side. If the case is lost then the client will have to pay the other side’s legal costs and own medical reports, but fortunately all of these costs can be covered by purchasing after-the-event insurance (the premium for this should really be covered by the solicitor). With a no win, no fee arrangement in place, the client should never have to pay for anything throughout the entire legal process. Experienced solicitors have a good idea of what cases are usually worth proceeding with. If there is a clear sign of negligence, then the chances are usually high that the opposing party will aim for an early settlement anyway.

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